Global Contact Lens Conference

The Global Speciality Lens Symposium was held in Las Vegas in mid-January, and I was fortunate to be able to attend.

The Symposium attracts many specialist contact lens eye care practitioners from around the world.

At the exhibition hall there were displays of many types of contact lenses and accessories, and I am in the process of ordering some innovative products to assist our patients at Ezekiel Eyes.

Many of these products are not available in Australia or New Zealand, so it is very exciting to be able add them to our extensive contact lens range.

One important aspect of events such as the Symposium is the networking, which is imperative to how we operate and improve the vision of our patients.

It was great to re-connect with many colleagues from the USA and other countries, and also meet new professionals in the field.

New Contact Lens Protein Remover Tablet

At Ezekiel Eyes, we now stocking a new contact lens protein remover tablet for all types of contact lenses. It is called Avizor Enzyme Tablets. Please let us know if you are interested in this new products. Email or call 9386 3620.

Curious to learn about the latest in Contact Lenses?

In this video, Damon Ezekiel interviews Simon from Bausch & Lomb.

Learn more in the video below about the all day comfort of Bausch & Lomb Ultra 1 Day Contact Lenses.

Our Team

We were sad to see Ellen leave us to move to Karratha, however we have welcomed Nicole, who has jumped right in and is already making a great splash.​

Melanie continues to rotate our gorgeous and funky frame and sunglass range.

Please let us know how Ezekiel Eyes can help to improve the quality of your life by enhancing the quality of your vision.

Cheers and best wishes for a great 2024.

Damon, Rhiannon, Tracey, Melanie & Nicole

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