Damon Ezekiel, Optometrist and Director, B Optom (UNSW) FAAO, FCLSA

Damon owns, manages and is the principal optometrist at his eye care clinic. Ezekiel Eyes is a boutique, family-owned practice that has been around in various forms since 1916.

Read about the full history of Ezekiel Eyes below.

In 2014 Damon taught at the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology in Hanoi, on behalf of the charity organisation Sight For All.

Damon treats patients with conditions such as Keratoconus, as well as those who are post graft and post refractive surgery.

He also regularly treats children following operations for congenital cataracts.


About Me

How did I get into optometry?

I was very fortunate to spend my young years and school holidays in my fathers optometry practice and also his contact lens manufacture laboratory.

The intrigue as to how the eye works and watching and helping out with the manufacturing of the contact lenses is what lured me into this industry. I believe the gift of helping and making a difference is my calling.

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision" - Helen Keller.

Why am I particularly passionate about contact lenses?

We have many patients of all ages and many different conditions who cannot manage with a spectacle correction. It is helping people to have a normal existence and to improve the quality of their lives. There are so many little things that we undertake and take for granted on a daily basis . It is a great gift that I can enable people to hold down a job and to obtain a driver's licence. I believe improving the quality of life of someone is hard to comprehend and I am very lucky to be able to help people and make a difference.


"It never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of things" - Barbara Johnson.

What are my hopes, dreams and ambitions for our profession?

The optometry profession is in a strong position with a spread of independant optometrists and the corporates. There are optometrists that can cater for all types of patients no matter what their requirements. In the near future just as some optometrists in Australia are therapeutic trained for topical drugs, I am hoping this endorsement will also include some oral drugs.

Damon speaking in Sydney

"Few things are hidden from a quiet child with good eyesight" - Terry Pratchett.

What is my proudest achievement as an eye care professional?

Some years ago, I was honoured to be chosen as a recipient of a 40 Under 40 award for my contribution to the Optometry world and my Volunteering work.

I am very lucky to be the first Australian President of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists. Usually the President of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists is for only three years but due to the Covid pandemic I will have been president for six years. It is has been an honour to lead this very prestige's group of eyecare professionals, educators and researchers.

In 2018 I was awarded the Herschel Medal award for volunteering work on behalf of the charity Sight For All. This work included a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia to teach in an Eye Hosptial. This was a very rewarding experience.
Herschel Medal Award

"I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes" - Leo Durocher.

What does Damon Ezekiel like to do in his free time?

I am addicted to exercise and I think that is due to my occupation of being in a dark room all day. Being one on one with patients all day can take it toll and I require some down time and chill time. I need to be out and about and breathing the fresh air.

I walk my two dogs at least twice a day and also part take in swimming and yoga a couple of times a week. I find all of these exercises wonderful physically but also these activities allow me meditate and allowing my brain to slow down and chill.

My optimal escape is my love of travel and to combine this with a trek in the wilderness with plenty of quiet and of course with good friends.

Travelling with my family is a joy and real highlight that I enjoy and look forward to my next family adventure.


Ezekiel Eyes - A Three Generation Story


The first optometry practice, “M Ezekiel and Sons”, was founded in 1916 by Elias (Ellis) Ezekiel and his brother Abraham (Abe). They also had a second practice, in Batavia (now Jakarta).


In 1942, Ezekiel family members were refugees of the war and journeyed to Fremantle. When the war was over, they returned to Singapore and Ellis Ezekiel rebuilt the practice on Battery Road.


In 1952, race riots in Singapore caused the family to sell the business and move to Perth. Ellis started a practice on the first floor of a building on the corner of King Street and St Georges Terrace then later moved to the ground floor shop front.


Ellis’s son, Donald Ezekiel, graduated in optometry in 1957.


In 1963 Donald married and went to London, where he completed an advanced contact lens degree. Donald returned to Perth and worked in the family practice which, by then had moved to the Hay Street Mall.


In 1971, Donald started his own practice on the first floor of a building in Kings Park Road.

Also in 1971, as he couldn’t source the contact lenses he wanted, Donald began designing and making contact lenses for his patients. He started his own contact lens manufacturing company called WA Contact Lens Manufacturers, then, some years later, changed the name to Gelflex Laboratories, where he continues to research better contact lens designs.


In 1973, they moved to Outram Street, West Perth.


In 1989 Donald’s son, Damon, graduated in optometry from the University of New South Wales. Damon now runs Ezekiel Eyes, where he continues the high standard of service that his father and grandfather provided.

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